Sabbath, October 2, 2010
"We Still Believe..."
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Good relationships do not "just happen." They are intentional in their development by people who understand the process it takes to develop healthy and lasting relationships. At Victory Seventh-day Adventist Church we are intentional about building healthy and lasting relationships. Through our Live Streaming we hope to build meaningful relationships with you our streaming worship congregation. Drop us a line telling us how our Multi-Media Ministry is doing, how it is been a blessing to you and if we are missing the mark. Tell us how  we can effectively  build a lasting relationship with you. Share a thought or invite us to pray for you, friends or family. We pray that through intentional relationship building, together  we can experience Gods peace and blessing in our lives. We hope you will experience it with us!

What Is So Important About Going To Church?
IT'S NOT UNUSUAL ON A CHRISTIAN CAMPUS to hear a parent express concern for their child’s spirituality. But it is a bit unusual for that conversation to be with a father worrying that his daughter is too religious... +read more
Surprise! Our Biggest Crisis Is Not Theology!
few years ago I called a friend (one to whom I talk seldom, but always happily) who’d moved to a small Midwestern city. Among other topics we discussed, I asked him, “How’s the church there?” + read more

What Is The Role Of Elders In Large Congregations?
In  small churches, particularly those in "district" arrangements which share their pastor with one or more other congregations, there is little question about the role of the local elder... +read more...

We Don't Do That "Church Thing" Anymore.
Our daughter gently explained to me that she and her family no longer attended church and that she did not want to continue the pretense. Furthermore, she did not want to discuss it... +read more .
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 I'm Young &This Is My Church
It is a reality that youth and young adults leave the church, as well as adults. It must be alarming to a church when one youth goes astray. One youth who leaves the church is one to many - read more

Church Web Sites

The Fellowship of Grace
We can learn how God's grace binds us to Christ by studying some experiences Jesus had with Peter. From John's account, we learn how Jesus found Peter actively engaged in his world of smelly fish, leaky boats, - read more

Why Men Hate Going to Church
David Murrow’s book postulates about how churches must do more to attract men. Although church leadership is dominated by males, he believes that the church has done little to attract men — read more

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INSP features family entertainment in drama, music, faith categories as well as family movies, documentaries and specials. Get a taste of our programming and enjoy shows such as The Waltons, Highway to Heaven, and Our House. Experience the best Christian entertainment such as Fireproof and Left Behind movies. INSP: It’s a NEW DAY!  CLICK here 
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"The Adventists"  by  Journey Films  remains best-seller. The Adventists, the documentary film that looks at the intersection of faith and health through the Seventh-day Adventists...Watch It here
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We know that choosing a home church is an important   decision which can be difficult. You may be looking for a place to develop life-long friendships and relationships; or for Biblically-based messages addressing issues relevant to concerns in your life; or maybe you are looking for a church that has ministries for everyone in your family. Whatever your purpose, we believe we can be an encouragement to you and your family no matter where you are in life’s journey. If you are looking for a church family, we warmly invite you to join us for one of our services. We would love to have the opportunity to meet you and get acquainted.  There is a seat waiting for you!
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